Forbes Write-Up On Metric Collective

The Startup Buyers At Metric Collective Offer Founders A 'Landing Spot' In A Deflating Tech Bubble

"The startup had started with all the makings for a Silicon Valley success story. Its cofounders were rivals turned friends who raised a seed round of more than $3 million after passing through the prestigious Y Combinator startup program in 2014. Boostable’s product, which handled advertising for sellers on online marketplaces in exchange for a share of the extra sales they’d generate, scored major partners like Eventbrite and Shopify and was making money at a steady clip.
But as ad tech startups began struggling on the public markets and in fundraising last year, Boostable got caught in between.. Existing investors continued to raise its revenue targets to unsustainable goals. Prospective new investors would only offer money at terms that would large wipe out its employees. Cofounder Alex Chang quietly put up the company for sale."...